Sleeping Babies Make Happy Families

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Secrets of a Baby Nurse
How to Raise a Happy, Healthy and SLEEPING Baby from Birth

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Every new parent has been there—sleep deprived, exhausted, and pacing the floor at 3:00 a.m. with an irritable baby who is having difficulty calming down and going back to sleep. In Secrets of a Baby Nurse, a medical professional relies on scientific research, personal study, and a lifelong adoration of babies to provide parents with valuable tips that will help their baby sleep; leading them to discover the delight of a well-rested, tranquil, and happy child—and most importantly, a good night’s sleep for everyone.

Marsha Podd, a seasoned maternal-infant nurse, lactation specialist, and expert on baby sleep shares her professional expertise in reading the body language of thousands of babies in order to teach parents how to help their baby sleep better .You will learn how to interpret a baby’s cues, create a perfect sleep environment, and initiate a peaceful detachment. In addition, you’ll learn how to:

• ensure a healthy womb environment
• encourage a newborn toward daytime wakefulness
• build consistent daily rhythms around sleep and food
• observe and react to your baby’s signals
• avoid postpartum depression
• stay in a routine and still have a life outside the home.
Secrets of a Baby Nurse offers step-by-step, practical advice that will help any parent create a serene, joy-filled relationship with their child.