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Pandemic Advice for Parents

This is a new time in history. People are afraid, out of their normal work routine and on edge.

Children feel the imbalance around them, and also the stress of their parents.

When you are outside of your home for a bit of fresh air, or a trip to the grocery store, and you return

home, create a new practice...

Leave your shoes at the door (they may carry virus and bacteria), change your clothes, and

wash up. As you step out of your shoes, make it a signal for you to leave the stress


Return to your home with a daily routine. This will help the whole family. We all do best with structure. Children want predictability and rhythms to their day.


1. Wake up and bedtimes should be consistent.

2. Feedings and meals should be approximately the same time each day

(once baby is over 4 months old.)

3. Get regular exercise and offer it to your children as well (inside or outside as comfortable.)

4. Call or FaceTime with friends and family so you have support daily.

5. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water so your immunity will be strong

6. Meditate, pray, or say positive affirmations to yourself daily to build emotional safety

and let go of fear

7. Keep the news off when your children are nearby.

8. Limit screen time for your children. Have more face to face encounters.

9. Get enough SLEEP! Our immune systems and coping skills increase with sleep. (That may mean you need to create a new behavior of an earlier bedtime if your children wake early.)

If you are struggling, and want support, please reach out for a short phone appointment.


Telephone: 415-883-4442.

Embracing you with loving thoughts at this chaotic time.


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