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My Philosophy:


Sleep training has many methods, some gentle and slow, others more strict but bring faster results. My goal is to help parents decide on appropriate methods for their family. I use a variety of methods in my sleep training plans. Depending on the child's temperament, sometimes this is easy, and other times more challenging. When an infant if over 8 weeks old (if born at term) and weighs over 12 pounds, they can become physically capable of sleeping longer night stretches without needing to feed. Usually, by the time a baby is 4 months old, sleep consolidation is developing naturally and many infants can sleep 8-12 hours uninterrupted. Experts believe the best time to fully begin sleep training is sometime between 4 and 12 months of age.  Research shows this window of time to be ideal for future learning and the development of self-regulation skills.  I often start teaching parents in the first weeks of life how to encourage good rhythms and cues around sleep and food with their young infants, so a more natural path to sleep develops.

Home Visit*


The most comprehensive consultation.


Best choice if you have an infant under 6 months of age. I cover your child's development, health, diet, and take a thorough history. This fee includes a 2 hour home consultation, 2 short 15-20 minute follow up phone calls, email contact as needed,  and a copy of my book, "Secrets of a Baby Nurse" 

Tele Consult


Available to all
Time zones

This  is approximately  a one hour telephone consultation, and includes 2 follow up phone calls, email contact as needed, and a copy of my book, "Secrets of a Baby Nurse."

Single Call

The most

An option for those who have read my book, have an understanding of sleep training methods, or just want a one time advice call with me


Fee: $175 per hour and is pro-rated by quarter hours.

*Extra travel fee if you are located outside Marin County. 

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