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About Marsha


Marsha Podd R.N. is a registered nurse, a lactation specialist and a baby sleep wizard! She teaches parents how to get their children into good rhythms so sleep patterns can be healthfully established in the early months of life. She also works with parents with children under age 5, to create calmer bedtime routines and consistent sleep rhythms. With 30 years experience and a degree in Child Development, she knows what works (and what doesn't).


Moving a child from a crib to a bed? Bringing home a new baby? Toilet training? Traveling soon? Marsha can help you achieve a smoother transiton whatever your concern may be.



"Best money EVER SPENT: Sleep training from the amazing Marsha Podd. She has taught me SO much about baby and toddler sleep...I could almost teach a class! LOL Stella was really off with her sleeping schedule since her tonsils were taken out. In one nap, she was back on schedule and going to sleep by herself just fine! The steps she has taught me I will use all of Stella's life, and it has given me so much strength!"


Lindsay M.



"I was at the talk Marsha gave to the Napa mom's group in February. We hadn't had a full night sleep since our son was born.  I implemented Marsha's advice immediately and from the next night on we immediately had success. We enjoyed uninterrupted sleep and peaceful nights for several months thanks to her tips."





"Christopher smiles and waves bye-bye to me now when I put him down for a nap. My day-care center staff say his play is more friendly and he is happier."


Jackie K.



"I saw immediate results after my consultation with Marsha. Jeremy (2 years old) went down for his nap without a fuss.


Elizabeth H."

In the News

Marsha Podd, R.N., C.L.E. has been on radio, television and in the news. She is in WHO'S WHO OF AMERICAN WOMEN and many other national publications including WALL STREET JOURNAL, NOVATO ADVANCE, MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL, VARIETY magazine as well as appearing regularly as a guest on the NURSE TALK RADIO SHOW.

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