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Sleep Aids



Top parent rated Sound Machine

Recalled item
Halo Sleepsack


A wearable blanket to keep babies safe & sound

Magic Sleepsuit


Helps babies transition from the Swaddle

Crib Safety Net


No falling out. No pets. No bugs. No getting stuck. Make your baby's crib a safe sleep zone.

Gaia Sleep Remedy


Herbal syrup to achieve emotional balance in your children.

Calming Lotion


Calming everyday after bath massage lotion to soothe and relax



A cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and helps prevent the startle reflex.

Little Lotus


Special NASA fabric keeps babies at ideal temperature creating better sleep.

Swaddle UP TM


Innovative Swaddle that allows your baby to sleep with arms up!

Security Blanket


Soft & breathable fabric bringing comforting feelings   to baby.

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