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Tummy Time Helps Baby Sleep

Did you know that exercising will help your baby sleep better? The more active a baby

becomes, the longer the night-time sleep stretch and the longer the day-time naps! Baby

sleep starts in small sessions initially, when baby has no ability to control movement of

the arms, legs and body. But, the more he learns to move and stretch, the better he also

becomes at sleeping.

Be your baby’s personal trainer! Whether in the bath or on your lap, give your baby

plenty of time to move! Even if frustration develops, encourage your baby to stay on his

tummy by tapping on the floor in front of him. They love to hear the different beats of

rhythm. You can distract him a few minutes longer and in a few weeks, he will be

stronger as a result of your efforts. His tolerance for tummy time will also improve!

Since parents today are overwhelmed with baby seats, walkers, jumpers, and exersaucers,

it is no wonder that baby often skips learning to crawl and goes straight into walking. But

this is not the best choice for her development. So please parents, get back on the floor

and move with your baby!

Infant reflux can improve with tummy (or core) strengthening also,

making baby sleep more comfortably. When baby is able to roll from side to side and

front to back, she can pretty much make herself comfortable even in the middle of the

night by repositioning herself. Think about this for yourself. We constantly continue to move around while we sleep, and reposition ourselves all night long. The brain really has a big job of getting all body parts linked and working in the first year of life. Visual development also improves as a result of crawling behavior. Limit time in upright baby seats to just 15 minutes a day if possible. Your baby sleep time will continue to increase too!

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