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Whether you are coming back from a vacation, back to school, returning to work, or the changing of seasons, these all require a little adjustment to your routine. Everyone feels a bit off-balance at the end of the Summer. Young children experience these changes more intensely than adults. My tips can help you get back to balance…

  • Don't overbook your child! Allow extra time in the morning and evening to connect, reassure, and hold your child (healthy for both of you!)

  • Be prepared for meals by having them pre-made and available in the freezer for a quick heat up.

  • Talk to your children (even the babies respond to this) and let them know what the changes will be that involve them.

  • Use a stuffed animal or doll to role-play how the new routines will look. Remember to be excited and positive.

  • Get help and support from family or other caregivers to help assist as needed.

  • Don’t overbook your evenings and weekends. Stay home and keep your food and sleep structure. Children can feel out of sorts when these basic needs shift.

  • Try for an earlier bedtime for everyone if you have not been getting adequate sleep hours.

  • Be gentle on yourself and treat yourself kindly. Your attitude flows over to your family, so charge your battery with extra self-care (a massage, manicure, or an hour alone in a coffee shop).

  • Exercise, eat well, and sleep (these will elevate your immune system).

  • Spend time with family and those you love.

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