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Secrets of a Baby Nurse

Babies have always fascinated me. Even as a young child, I spent much time just watching babies. I observed their movements, the noises they made and the way their mothers handled them. I watched their facial expressions and their body language. This helped me learn who they were. As a child, I practiced my own mothering skills by playing with dolls. My doll families were large and consumed all my attention. As I grew older, my focus turned to real babies. I began babysitting at a young age. It never felt like a “job” whenever I got to watch a baby. I loved holding and playing with them and still consider it delightful to spend time with these fascinating souls. In college, I studied and received a B.S. degree in Child Development. Later, after working in a medical clinic, I decided to return to school and complete my second degree in Nursing. My specialty is in Maternal and Child Nursing.

After a few years of working in two different large hospitals in southern California and San Francisco, I ventured into running my own health and child-related businesses.

For more than ten years I owned, operated and taught at the Center for Creative Parenting in northern California. It was there that I began to see the need for supporting new parents with my skill, education and experience. While teaching mothers’ groups, I found the discussion would always turn to the topic of sleep and calming baby. Every week, week after week, this was the favorite topic; thus, my research on infant and toddler sleep began.

Mothers began asking me to counsel them privately about their babies and sleep. Through word of mouth, my counseling business grew. More and more parents reached out for support. I realized that I wanted to share my wisdom so more parents could discover the joy of a well-rested, calm and happy child. This critical need to educate parents about sleep has led me to write this book.

Mothers often refer to me as a “baby whisperer.” A baby whisperer is a person with a special ability to intuit what a baby’s needs are, and to help him or her be happy and calm. There are many “baby whisperers” on this planet of ours. I am only one of them. This book is based on research, personal study, and many years of experience, observation, and practice.

Most parents learn from just a few babies in their lives. I have been blessed with lessons from thousands. And now, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you. What you read about here is amassed from over fifty years of scientific research studies as well as my life’s work, experience and joy. I hope you can learn about your special baby by practicing some of my techniques that I will share with you, create a calmer and happier relationship with your baby.

Support for a new parent is critical. If you find that after reading this material, you would like more in depth information and a more personalized approach to your unique family and its needs, please seek help. Parents tell me it is well worth the investment. Since sleep and learning patterns are established early in life, learning about sleep and self-regulation can be invaluable to your child’s future good health.

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