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Is Your Baby a Couch Potato?

Happy New Year!

January is a time to make resolutions and start healthy fitness routines.

Have you committed to be more active and fit this year?

Movement is important to good health...both mentally and physically. For babies, it is especially important for the brain!

Is your little one offered hours of activity each day? Or, is your baby just sitting in various buckets most of the the swing, the stroller, the carseat and the Exersaucer? I want to encourage you to get down on the floor with your baby and practice movement skills. Movement advances the brain and helps advance the development and well-being of your child. Even newborns need to move and get strong.

How much time is appropriate? I recommend about 15 minutes of tummy time on the floor or lap with every feeding cycle for the first 3 months of age.

For a baby 3-6 months old, 20-30 minutes of floor playtime is your goal, and for a 6-12 month old, it is usually about 30-60 minutes. Remember, that is for EVERY feeding cycle in the day.

The bath or swimming pool is another good place to offer movement time and exercise. Get into the bath tub with your baby and have some fun practicing kicking, floating and moving (with your help and supervision). Studies show the more baby moves and is active, the better and longer the sleep! I challenge you to become your child's personal trainer and build a strong, healthy future!

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