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Sleep Deprived?

Are you a sleep-deprived parent?

Are you struggling to get your little ones to bed at a decent time? Are you grouchy and irritable from lack of sleep? Here are a few suggestions to improve your sleep and happiness:

  • Go to bed EARLY (and put the kids to bed early too). Pretend like you are going to a tropical island of warmth (your bed). Have a relaxing bath by candlelight first. And a massage by a loved one is nice too!

  • Turn off the computers, iphones, ipads, television set, and other electronics.

  • Keep the house quiet for an hour before bed. No music, no TV.

  • Talk with your children about their day before you go to bed …(even the babies like to hear your voice).

  • No caffeine in the form of coffee or chocolate or soft drinks after noon time.

  • Use aromatherapy. Lavender diffused into the room, or applying a lotion will help you relax.

  • Make sure you are in bed for at least 9 hours. Give yourself plenty of time to read, relax, be intimate with a partner, and have some meditation time.

  • Don’t eat too large a dinner but do have a good portion of protein and veggies. Digestion can interfere with sleep if you are overly full.

Did you know that depression and anxiety are often the result of sleep deprivation? It is important to take care of yourself and your children. Learning problems, aggression, and anxiety are a few things that result when children are sleep deprived. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about this for your family.

You’ll be amazed how your whole family will appreciate family sleep night the next day! Expect a happier family in a short time.

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