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As we begin a new year, most parents want to get caught up on sleep. Re-gaining some balance after the busy Holiday Season is very welcome. How does one begin? It is proven by research that what sets our sleep rhythm is our bedtime and wake up time, so start there. Most of us need to focus on an EARLIER bedtime. Are your children irritable and melting down at 5pm? If so, remember, it is fine to put them to bed early, say 6pm (if normally their bedtime is 7pm).

Consider your needed sleep hours. For most adults, we need 7-8 hours to be healthy. For children under two years, 14 hours is usually the right about, and for toddlers about 12-13 hours. MORE sleep is always better than less sleep! If we get too much sleep, we become groggy and less motivated. If we don't get enough sleep, we become irritable and hyper. Cortisol levels rise when we are overly-tired, and we are more at risk for illness and health problems (like high blood pressure).

If you find your little ones waking up too early, when it is still dark outside, try resisting going to them and getting them up. The more you hold the structure of what you want for their (and your) sleep patterns, the sooner you will get back into balance!

If you find it difficult to begin, and need some support and guidance, please reach out to me and schedule a short follow up call so I can help. Email me at for an appointment.

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