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Time Changes

Swinging with the time changes in the Spring and Fall can be a bit challenging for all of us. This weekend it's time to push the clock forward an hour. This means, we all lose an hour of sleep (unless you can sleep in an extra hour, which is not something parents usually get to do).

This week think EARLY to bed.

If you can adjust going to bed 10 minutes earlier each evening this week, you won't feel the loss of that hour too much. The Sunday after the time change in the Spring is often referred to as "heart attack Sunday" because it is the one day of the year more people have heart attacks, get into accidents, and go to the ER.

Sleep is important, and the extra stress of not getting that extra hour is BIG. In the Fall, when we add an hour, everyone is mellow and happy. Not a problem to get extra sleep! Going into the Spring and Summer months, with longer light patterns in the day, most families get less and less sleep as children tend to wake up earlier. Now is the time to make sure the sleep environment is DARK and the bedtime hour is EARLY.

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