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Mothers have the toughest job in the world. It is a 24 hour, non-stop commitment to care for another small human being. You will lose many hours of sleep, but will gain more hugs than you could have imagined. I honor all of you who walk this path...making sacrifices every day of your life.

Cherish the role you play in shaping a better world through your child. You make a difference!

Take time on this special day to stop and reflect. Do something special for yourself...even if others don't.

You matter in the life of another. I send you my love and support and honor you today, Mother's Day.

Keep your emotional cup full by reaching out for help and support as needed. Ask a partner, friend, or family member for a few hours off to replenish your spirit, take a walk, get a massage, or have some quiet time because you deserve it!

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